Thursday, March 28, 2013

The "Teddy Crawford Experience"  played a short set of Island folk music this past Sunday evening at Henrica's Restaurant in Rosedale.
Occasion was the 3rd. Anniversary celebration of the Fact of The Matter a talk show hosted by Irwin Clare, Aubrey Campbell and the lively Lady B on Station 93.5 FM, Sundays 8:00 - 9:00 PM. Place was jam-packed, the setting was great,  so was the food. Calls came in from near and in praise of the show and wishing the team continued success!  All in all a well put together affair.
My set included Island favorites: Matilda, Maryann, Day O', Summer in Jamaica, Sitting in Limbo, Haiti Cherie, Evening time, Jamaica farewell, Hail the man, Come back Liza, Skin to skin, Coconut woman, Brown skin gal, Rookumbine, Summer child, Blue seas,green mountain, John crow seh, 
Dry weather house, Manuel road (gal an' bwoy)etc...

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

A few weeks ago I did a short concert tour in Kingston,Jamaica, with the world-famous Jamaican Folk Singers now under the leadership of Christine Nevers-McDonald.  It was the group's 45th anniversary celebrations, and my 30th year singing bass and playing guitar with the group.  Christine whose mother Marilyn is a foundation member continued the role of taking the group through vocal warm-up just like she did back when group founder Dr. Olive Lewin was at the helm.  Hazel Ramsay another founding member took us as usual through physical warm-up onstage.
Instrumental line-up included two drummers (who knew how to do their thing), Sean Hird, BM (Hons) composer,conductor,band-leader and flutist; Jazz/guitar virtuoso Maurice Gordon ( of the current Nylon &Steel duo) and a young student of his rounded out the ensemble.  It was a pleasure playing alongside Maurice and observing his take on the classic JFS item: "Monklan".
All in all a great program, kudos to Christine and a stellar cast of young members of the group who combined voice and movements with the "senior"members  in delivering that unique Jamaican Folk Singers sound.  Looking forward to next year's season.  

Watch out for......
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